Splitter: for Live Photos

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With Splitter: for Live Photos, you can do more with your iPhone's live photos, like separate them into individual photos, or share them as videos or .GIFs on social media.

Maybe you've captured the cutest thing... except it's a half second before the still photo associated with the live photo. How do you save it? Print it? Or send it to friends who can't view Live Photos?

Splitter: for Live Photos is the answer. With this app you can flip through the still frames that make up your Live Photo, and pull out exactly what you want to save. Think of it like turning your live photos into photo bursts. Now you turn any of the moments captured with your iPhone's Live Photos into beautiful stills.

Live Photos are also great as short videos. Maybe you want to share the short video you captured to Vine, YouTube, or other social media. Splitter: for Live Photos will let you do that too!

Splitter: for Live Photos can also turn your Live Photos into .GIF files to share.

Youre iPhone's live photos are awesome, but this app adds the capabilities you need to make them even better!




Splitter: for Live Photos