Splitter: for Live Photos

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't load any photos!

When Splitter: for Live Photos first loads it asks for access to your photos. If it accidentally gets set to "no" then we can't load photos. Here's how to fix it:

1.) Open the Settings app
2.) Choose Privacy
3.) Choose Photos
4.) Find "Live Photos +" and make sure the switch is GREEN.

How can I split Live Photos shared to me on a photo stream?

First save the image to your phone/camera roll. Then open it in Splitter: for Live Photos.

How can I share my split images to Instagram?

You cant share directly from software to Instagram. You can split the photo, save it to your camera roll, and then open those images from the Instagram app.

I saved my live photo as a .GIF but it's not animated in my photo stream (or camera roll)!

The default Photos app on iPhone does not display .GIF files as animations even if they are animated. If you share the .GIF in a message or e-mail (which does display them correctly) you will see that it is in fact animated.

Splitter: for Live Photos